Wolfie and Me in the Pool

I would love to have Wolfie in the pool with me, but I don't want it to be a crazy time...

So, how do we get Wolfie to play with us in the pool while not driving us nuts, jumping on us, and all those bad things?  Well, in fact, we actually have two dogs that play with us in the pool.  Wolfie, who I have always talked about, and Fang, our Poodle.  Here is my secret:

We had to first pick an activity that we would associate with "pool time".  When we are in the pool, this is what Wolfie and Fang will always do.  We found that both dogs have a very strong "fetch" drive.  This is great because it is a "high energy" activity and it drives them away from being on top of us.  We started playing fetch with them while we were all outside the pool.  This allowed us to practice the exercise and to focus on how they would deliver the fetch toy back to us.  It is very important that you make them drop the toy at your feet and to then step back, waiting for you to throw the toy again.  The purpose of this exercise is to create a great "play activity" and to have them calm as they return to you.

Now that we have mastered the fetch game and they are calm when they bring the toys to us, we are ready for the pool!

Start by standing on the steps in the shallow end and play fetch with them.  Have them bring you the fetch toys and drop them by the side of the pool.  Slowly move down the steps into the water, continuing to play fetch.  Get all the way in the pool and throw the toys for them.  If the toys float, throw the toys in the other end of the pool every once in a while.  This just breaks up the game and allows them to cool off.  (Be sure that they understand where the steps are located so that they can easily exit the pool and bring the toy back to you.)

Wolfie and Fang are now playing with you in the pool and they are not always on top of you.  Because of the nature of the game, you have control of where they will be playing (or not playing).  This assures that if you have friends or guests who don't want to interact with them, they will have a good time too.

Give it a shot!  It has worked for us and has given us countless hours of fun pool time with family, friends, and Wolfie

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