It's Raining in Wolfie's Bathroom!

Wolfie is potty trained, but he won't go outside when it is raining!  He is 75 lbs. and I am not going to try and use potty pads.  What gives?

If is was raining in your bathroom, would that be the most conducive place for you to go?  I think not.  I have had this problem with many clients and have provided them with an idea that just about always works.  Let's think about the issue facing us:
  • Wolfie has been trained to go to the bathroom outside.
  • Wolfie does not like to go to the bathroom in the rain.
The answer is simple.  When Wolfie goes outside to go to the bathroom, it never rains.  But we are in South Florida and this time of year it is always raining.  What do I do?  Here is the answer:
  • Go to Home Depot and get a few flats of grass.
  • Pick a place on your covered porch where you want Wolfie to go.
  • Put down a drop cloth that is just a little bigger than the flats of grass.
  • Put the flats of grass on the drop cloth.
  • Direct Wolfie to the flats of grass for his potty area when it is raining.
I have now removed the rain from Wolfie's bathroom.   For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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