Wolfie in the Pantry

When I go out, Wolfie always likes to steal food from the pantry.  I close the door and tell him "No!", but he still does it.  What can I do?

The big problem is that you don't understand Wolfie's sense of "food ownership" and what the pantry represents.  In Wolfie's eyes, there is no direct ownership of food, even for the "pack leader".  If you are eating the food, it is yours.  As soon as you walk away and leave the food, it is anybody's, including Wolfie.  You go to the market, buy food, and store it in the pantry.  You then walk away, leaving the food in the pantry.  In Wolfie's eyes, you have abandoned the food and it is anybody's for the taking.

Also, you have left Wolfie with the ability to get the food.  It is unattended food in his territory.  Wolfie sees no problem to go into the pantry and pick out that nice bag of corn chips, take it to his bed, and have a party.  This is a natural instinct and is very difficult, if not impossible, to correct without a great deal of time and training.

Don't worry!  I have the answer.  As the "pack leader" of the territory, you have the ability and right to modify the territory into any form needed to maintain your pack rules.  All you have to do is to go down to the hardware store, buy a two dollar latch, and put that on your pantry's door.  Simply latch the door when you aren't actively using the pantry and Wolfie won't be able to enter that part of the territory.  Your problem is solved.  Over time, Wolfie will just stop attempting to go into the pantry.  This is because you have changed his behavior through a consistent and repetitive negative result of his attempts.

Remember, as the pack leader you can use corrections, redirections, and modifications to your territory to gain the results you require and maintain your pack rules.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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