Getting Wolfie Ready for a Plane Flight

So Wolfie and I are taking our first trip up to see Grandma up in Ohio this Thanksgiving.... Why do I have to worry about this now?

Getting Wolfie ready to take a long plane trip is something you can't just do with the snap of your fingers. There are many things that you need to prepare and teach Wolfie. Remember that being under the seat of the plane can be a very scary thing, if Wolfie is not properly prepared.

(Please note: I will not talk about putting your dog in the baggage department of a plane. We did this with our dogs once and I will never do that again. I suggest you please follow this same policy.)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog... So what do I do to prepare for the trip? Here are some quick, initial steps:
  • You are going to need a proper carrier to transport Wolfie on the plane. Contact the airlines you will be using and ask them for the proper specifications for the dog carrier.
  • Have the airlines confirm that Wolfie is the proper size to be in the passenger section, with you.
  • Most airlines only allow so many dogs on a particular flight. Make sure that Wolfie has his spot.
  • Start to socialize Wolfie with the dog carrier by placing him in it for short times during the day. Begin to extend these times and start to carry Wolfie around the house in his carrier. This will simulate your carrying Wolfie through the airport.
  • Place Wolfie, in his carrier, at your feet when you are sitting. Read a book for an hour or two to simulate the flight.
  • Make sure that Wolfie has toys and other distractions in his carrier to keep him busy and to stimulate his mind.
  • Make sure that Wolfie has gone to the bathroom before you have boarded the plane to avoid any unfortunate and smelly accidents.
  • If Wolfie still shows intrepedation or fear, you can try giving him Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy or a relaxant perscribed by your Veterinarian before you board the plane. (This is the equivalent of all the nervour human passengers hanging out at the bar next to the boarding gate.)

The most important thing to remember and the one thing that will make your plane flight enjoyable is to start practicing these suggestions now. When Thanksgiving rolls around, a plane flight will be a piece of cake for Wolfie because you have properly socialized him to all the unique actions he will experience.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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