How to Help Wolfie When He is Scared and Growling

Wolfie seems a little scared all the time. He growls at people and when I try and tell him to stop, it just gets worse! What gives?

This sounds like Wolfie is timid and is manifesting that with aggressive behavior. He has figured out that if he snarls and growls at people, they will stay away.

One thing that you must understand is that your normal response of using a strong correction (yelling “NO”, etc.) to address the snarling and growling does not work. All this is doing is showing Wolfie that he has lost his only ally in the house. What you must do is to build a new foundation based on a relationship of trust and respect between you and Wolfie. This, and only this, will earn you the right to have a relationship where Wolfie respects and obeys you.

Start to correct Wolfie in a very matter fact way. To do this, have a leash on Wolfie when people are over. As soon as Wolfie starts his growling and other bad behaviors, pick up the leash and briskly walk in the opposite direction of the person Wolfie is engaging. Then, have him do simple obedience exercises where he has to give you complete attention. Simple exercises like sit, come, walkies, and stay would be perfect for this.

When Wolfie is calm and has obeyed you in performing the obedience exercises, praise him and return to your guests. You have taken control of the situation and have shown Wolfie that he can be calm and safe while other people are in the house. If you are keeping him safe, you are the leader.

Also remember the rule of classical conditioning. You MUST do this every time Wolfie starts to go nuts with people in the house. Consistency and repetition of your correction are necessary for Wolfie to finally get it.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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