What To Do When A Dog Charges You

I was walking down the street this weekend and a dog came out of nowhere and ran at me with his teeth showing, baking like a crazy animal.  I got away just in time and darted into a neighbor's back yard.  Is there any thing I can do to avoid this?
We have all experienced the barking and running dog at one time or another.  The important thing to remember is to how to present an uninteresting target to the dog.  The barking and running dog does not come around the corner and go after the tree or the stop sign.  They are uninteresting.  You, on the other hand, present a very interesting "target".  Let's look at some ideas to make you more uninteresting.
  • Dogs need to recognize who you are in order to make a decision about how they are going to act.  Many times dogs have a hard time recognizing men wearing dark glasses and hats.  If you see a dog approaching and they seem the slightest bit pensive, take off your sun glasses and your hat.  This will help the dog to recognize that you are just another animal he knows and not some new, weird beast.
  • Do not scream and run away if a dog charges. You are only showing your weak side (rear end) and are encouraging him to chase you.  You probably can not outrun him and he will eventually jump, knock you down, and maybe even bite (nip) you.  Stand upright, face the dog (do not stare), and make no sudden movements.
  • Allow the dog to approach you and sniff you.  If the dog starts to go around to your rear, slowly turn so that you are always facing him.
  • Cover up your private parts.  (You can never be too safe!)
  • You are presenting an "uninteresting target" to the dog.  Keep it up and he will move off to more interesting targets to explore. 
  • Slowly back up, still facing the dog.  Once you are a safe distance from the dog (a block or so), continue your walk.  
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