Wolfie Has Too Much Energy

I put in long hours at work and when I get home, Wolfie is always all over me.  I am tired and I can't get him outside to play a lot.  What can I do?

I see this a lot with our clients.  They work all day and just don't have the time to have a good, hard "play" with their dog when they get home from their ten hour day.  Dogs need to have that time to drain their adrenaline and you and Wolfie need the time to build the Bond, Trust, and Respect that your relationship requires.

We still suggest that you get outside as much as possible, throw the Frisbee, toss the ball, hide goodies and them help him find it, or perform some agility games.  What we now want to suggest is one more thing that will help take up the slack of the time you can't spend with him.

The answer is simple and it has worked wonders for many of our clients who have found themselves in this predicament. Take Wolfie to Doggie Daycare once or twice a week while you are at work.  He will be well cared for and be around dogs of his own temperament being supervised by professionals.  This will not only build his social skills, but it will drain that extra adrenaline so that he will be more prepared to obey you when you are home.  You are also placing him in an environment where he feels safe.  Since you have provided him with this environment, it will build your leadership role in Wolfie's eyes.

Most Doggie Daycares charge between $25 and $50 for a day session.  Many places offer discounts if you buy a "pack of sessions" or if you are on a monthly or quarterly program.   Interview two or three establishments in your area and ask neighbors if they take their dogs to a Daycare.  Start out going just once a week and then add days, if you feel it is needed.

Again, this has already done the job for many of our clients.  Give it a shot!  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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