Keeping Wolfie Away from The Front Door with Guests

Wolfie always likes to run to the front door whenever anyone comes over.  He is just so annoying and bugs many of my friends!  What can I do?

Many dogs like to run to the front door when they hear a knock or a ring.  They normally bark, jump, sniff, nudge, nip, and sometimes run out the front door.  These are all things that we really don't want to happen when we have people over.  It is just rude and embarrassing.  So, what can we do about this? 

We have to make a very simple rule that we can enforce when people are at the front door.  If you think about it, if Wolfie would just stay away from the front door, all those annoying things that I mentioned earlier could not happen.  Great, let's just make sure that Wolfie isn't near the front door when someone comes by.  There are many ways that you can accomplish this, but let me discuss one.  The most important thing with any educational process is that it allows you to maintain focus with Wolfie and that you are calm and collected in your demeanor.

Let's set up an exercise for you to practice. 
  • First, let's put Wolfie on a leash and ask another family member to hold the leash with Wolfie about twenty feet from the door.
  • You will be standing at the door, facing Wolfie.
  • You need another person to be outside and to knock and/or ring the bell.
  • If Wolfie starts to move towards the door, you face him and verbally correct him in a stern manner.  Have the person with the leash do the same while giving a slight  tug on the leash so that Wolfie looks back at the person holding the leash.
  • Repeat this process until Wolfie is calmly sitting and not approaching the door.
  • Open the door and let the person in, always being aware if Wolfie is going to try to run to the door again.  If so, repeat the process above.
  • Close the door behind your guest.  If Wolfie is still calm, invite him over to meet your guest. 
  • Repeat this exercise several times a day.  In a few weeks, Wolfie will no longer be running to the door.
Again, I want to emphasise that this is one of several methods that can be used to keep Wolfie back from the front door.  Some methods work better for specific dogs.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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