Who can Wolfie Jump On?

I don't mind if Wolfie jumps on me, but it is now the Holiday Season and I don't want Wolfie to jump on Aunt Minnie...

It was always so much fun to have Wolfie to jump up.  He would get so excited and bark and lick!  I didn't care if my clothes got a little dirty with dog hair or I got a little slobber on my pants.  Wolfie wasn't really big as a puppy, so that "blind tackle" didn't really hurt...

Oops!  Wolfie is now big and things hurt!  More importantly, some of my friends and guests don't like Wolfie to jump on them.  Even though Aunt Minnie is a dog lover, she is 90 pounds and 87 years old.  She can break.  What do I do?

First of all, you have to understand that dogs need simple rules to follow.  You must now tell Wolfie that it is wrong to jump on anyone.  Wolfie must understand the rule of "don't jump, period".  No jumping on you, your friends who like Wolfie to jump, and everyone else who would rather Wolfie not jump on them.  Here are some ideas:
  • You first have to enforce the "cold turkey rule".  Never encourage Wolfie to jump on yourself or your friends.  Tell your friends to never encourage Wolfie to jump on them. 
  • If Wolfie comes over to you and appears to be getting ready to jump, walk away.  This takes the "moment away" from Wolfie.  Don't turn your back on Wolfie when you walk away, but move at a diagonal so that you can still keep him in your peripheral. 
  • If Wolfie actually starts to jump on you, do not knee him or swing around to turn your back.  Face him, stand tall, and give him a very stern "NO".  As soon as he decides not to jump, reward him with a "good puppy".
  • Put a leash on Wolfie when you have guests around or plan to have guests around.  As you see him getting ready to jump, put your foot on the leash at a point where he can only get a few inches off the ground before the leash stops his upward movement.  Allow him to attempt the "failed jump" several times and he will quickly look for other things to do (like sitting, well behaved, next to you).
If you are consistant with the steps we mentioned above, you will have happy guests.  
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