Wolfie Just Doesn't Listen, What Are Some Clues?

Wolfie just doesn't want to listen when I talk to him.  Is he stupid or deaf or obnoxious or what?  Should I just give him a kick when he doesn't listen?

No, he is not stupid.  No, he is not deaf.  No, he is not obnoxious.  No, do not kick him!

The problem is that you don't understand how Wolfie talks.  There are several levels that dogs use to communicate with other animals (you included), and we are going to discuss one of them now.

One of the ways that dogs communicate is to use their vocal cords.  We use our vocal cords to form words, phrases, sentences, etc.  Dogs use their vocal cords to create sounds.  We sometimes call them "growls" or "yips", or "crys", etc.  In any case, they are unique sounds created by Wolfie when he wants to use his vocal cords to communicate.

Now comes the difference between Wolfie and us.  As I said earlier, we use words and Wolfie uses unique sounds.  We can create and understand thousands of words and sounds to mean different things, depending on how they are used.  Wolfie uses unique tones to generate specific meanings.

This means that we can not simply talk to Wolfie in the form "Hi Wolfie, how would you like to take a ride with me and then go see Uncle Bill?".  He has no idea what we are saying.  We do have the ability to use unique tones to communicate with Wolfie. 

One of the tones I would like to discuss is the low, guttural tone.  This is a unique tone because it is something Wolfie almost never hears from you.  You would use this tone to let Wolfie is is doing something wrong and that he needs to give you his complete attention.

Another tone is a very high pitched, almost baby-like tone.  Since we normally don't talk "baby-talk" all day long, this is another tone that Wolfie rarely hears from us.  We use this tone only when we want to let Wolfie know that he has done something right and that we are proud of him.

There are other tones and techniques that we also use to communicate with Wolfie so that he can understand what we are discussing.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.

Your "big take-away" from this discussion is that Wolfie does not understand every word you say.  Wolfie understands very few words you say.  Your tones, and more importantly, the uniqueness of your tones is the verbal communication he is processing.


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