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What To Do When An "Off Leash" Dog Runs At You

I live in a area where a lot of people let their dogs roam free (off leash).  What do I do when I am out on a walk and one of them runs at Wolfie and me?  (I don't want either of us to be bitten!)

We definitely don't want the picture above to happen to us!

It just so happens that this happened the other day while Wolfie and I were out for a walk.  An off leash Pit Bull charged us while we were walking down the street.  Needless to say that I can still type with all ten fingers, so we made it out just fine.  Let me recant what happened...

Wolfie and I were walking down the street (Wolfie was on a leash) when I noticed a Pit Bull on the front porch of a house about half a block in front of us.  I crossed over to the other side of the street and continued to observe the dog.  I noticed no body tension or posturing from the dog.  He didn't seem to have a great deal of interest in us.  I also noticed that Wolfie was also not reacting to the dog in any manner.  Since the body langu…

Training with a Crazy Family

Wolfie needs training, but it really isn't working.  I know our family is kinda nuts.  Is that causing any problems?

To paraphrase Charlie Sheen... "Duh, Yes!"

When educating dogs, you need to provide a consistent, calm, educational environment.  This is the only way that you can portray an assertive position to Wolfie that will naturally allow him to learn.  Yelling, screaming, inconsistent interaction with Wolfie, and just generally being nuts will drive Wolfie away from the class room.  Your entire family must provide Wolfie a calm, consistent, and assertive relationship in order for Wolfie to see you as his teachers.  I know that this sometimes can be really difficult, but here are some suggestions:
Before you start the training process, have the entire family sit down and discuss what they think is wrong with Wolfie and what they would like to see.  Make a list.Review each item on the list and discuss how you plan to resolve the issue.Get every member of the family to …

Teaching Wolfie to Fetch

I thought that all dogs just knew how to fetch, but Wolfie has no idea!  What's up with that?

First of all, dogs don't intuitively understand "fetch".  Based on different distractions, reward systems, and individual tendencies, some dogs might pick up the "idea" faster than others.  The bottom line is that you still have to show them what you want them to do over and over again for them to learn the process.

Here is what you do:

Start out by just rolling a tennis ball towards Wolfie so that it will be a distraction that will keep his focus and interest.  You might even soak the tennis ball in beef broth (letting it dry before you use it) to further enhance the distraction.  Repeat this over and over again until Wolfie always goes for the ball you are rolling towards him.Slowly change the direction of the rolling ball.  Repeat this slowly until you are now rolling the ball away from Wolfie and he is going after the ball.Now, we want to have Wolfie to bring the …