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Wolfie Goes Nuts When Family Comes for The Holidays - Help!

I hate asking family over for the Holidays because Wolfie terrorizes them the entire time they are here.  I have to lock Wolfie in the back room and have to be back there all the time to try and keep him quiet.  What can I do?

High energy or “people unsure” dogs can be very annoying and embarrassing when we have a house full of guests. We are unsure what Wolfie might do (lung, bark, growl, jump) and our guests are uneasy in the Wolfie’s presence. It is critical that you socialize him to understand that you are keeping him safe and secure when other people and animals are in his space. YOU are the care giver. YOU are the cop on the beat.

The one thing that you never do is to have Wolfie with you at the front door when you are greeting your arriving guests. This is a high adrenaline time where you cannot give the appropriate focus and correction to him, when required. Inappropriate situations can escalate quickly as he tries to demonstrate dominance and your ability to regain control coul…

Keeping Wolfie Away from The Front Door with Guests

Wolfie always likes to run to the front door whenever anyone comes over.  He is just so annoying and bugs many of my friends!  What can I do?

Many dogs like to run to the front door when they hear a knock or a ring.  They normally bark, jump, sniff, nudge, nip, and sometimes run out the front door.  These are all things that we really don't want to happen when we have people over.  It is just rude and embarrassing.  So, what can we do about this? 

We have to make a very simple rule that we can enforce when people are at the front door.  If you think about it, if Wolfie would just stay away from the front door, all those annoying things that I mentioned earlier could not happen.  Great, let's just make sure that Wolfie isn't near the front door when someone comes by.  There are many ways that you can accomplish this, but let me discuss one.  The most important thing with any educational process is that it allows you to maintain focus with Wolfie and that you are calm and col…

Sometimes Wolfie Seems a Little Nervous...

Sometimes Wolfie appears a little nervous or uneasy.  What can I do to help out?

Dogs are very tactile creatures.  You always see them grooming themselves or other dogs.  This helps to build a bond between them as well as to show a trust that they are all part of one pack.  We have a very simple way that you can emulate that same activity.  Don't worry, I am not going to ask you to "groom Wolfie".

What I am going to do is to ask you to simulate that you are grooming Wolfie.  Think of when you are petting your dog.  Many times this entails patting them on the head or on the back.  We are going to take this activity and modify it so that it emulates your grooming of Wolfie.  Instead of patting him, lightly run your hand over his fur from the back of the neck to the middle of the back.  Do this slowly and repeatedly.  This emulates the grooming process. 

You should see an almost immediate result in Wolfie's demeanor.  He will loose that stiffness in his body and will star…