Things to Consider Regarding Your Dog and the Back Yard

I just let Wolfie out in the back yard and he should be able to take care of himself, right?

As a good dog owner, you always need to make sure that your doggie is safe, healthy, and happy.  The back yard can be a great place for your doggie, if you have prepared it for him.  Here are some ideas on making sure your back yard is ready for Wolfie:
  • FENCE:  Make sure that your back yard fence does not have any holes or gaps that would allow Wolfie to get out.  This also helps to make sure that anything can't get in the back yard also.  Check to make sure that there aren't any gaps at the bottom of the fence or loose boards that could easily be "nudged" to make a door.  Putting a little chicken wire at the bottom of the fence and having it lay on the ground is a great way of eliminating any digging issues to allow Wolfie to take advantage of any low lying areas of escape.
  • POISONOUS PLANTS:  Walk around your back yard to make sure that there aren't poisonous plants in your garden.  Click here to get a list of many of the common plants that are toxic to dogs.
  • LAWN CHEMICALS:  Many times you or your gardener will put down chemicals such as fertilizer or weed killer on your grass.  It is very important that you do not let your dogs out on the grass for several hours up to a day after the material has been applied.
  • SIDE GATES:  This might not seem like a big issue, but we have found that more dogs get out of the yard because of a gate being left open than anything else.  Make sure that you have hinges that automatically close when anyone does through the gate.  Check the gates once a month to make sure that they are still functioning.
  • THE POOL:  Make sure that Wolfie knows how to get out of the pool if he falls in.  Even if he doesn't like the pool, he should know how to get out if something happens and he slips.
  • Toys:  It is always important to have "stuff to do" for Wolfie while he is in the back yard.  Balls, rope toys, kongs, Frisbees, and cow hooves are just a sample of toys Wolfie might like to have in the back yard.  I always suggest that you have both outside toys and inside toys.  This is to make sure that those "dirty toys" don't get into your clean home.
  • Water:  It is always important to hydrate Wolfie while he is running around in the heat in the back yard.  Leave a bowl of water out in the shade with some ice cubes in it.  Since metal bowls heat up so quickly, I would suggest that you use a plastic water bowl.
  • SMALL DOGS:  If Wolfie is under 8 pounds, NEVER leave him unattended in the back yard.  We have a very large hawk population in South Florida and they are always on the prowl for their next meal.  We have heard of dogs up to 8 pounds being picked up by hawks and taken away.  When in doubt, always look up.
I hope this gives you some good ideas in keeping Wolfie safe while he is in the back yard.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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