One Way to a Happy Doggie

Sometimes I just don't know about Wolfie.  I come home after work and give him tons of love, but he still goes nuts with my friends and guests.  He seems to be a geed dog, but he seems to always misbehave with anyone else.  I'm confused...
Some dogs just need more interaction than others.  This is not necessarily tied to a breed, sex, or age.  In our experience, we have seen multiple times where dogs who are well behaved with their owners and appear to be very well trained, go "nuts" when other people come over.

In these instances, we want to look at Wolfie's basic need of entertainment and the bonding portion of your relationship.  The bottom line is this:
  • Entertainment:  It is our responsibility to provide exercise, social interaction, and mind-stimulating experiences for Wolfie.  Just sitting around for most of the day will not necessarily provide these needed activities and environments.
  • Bonding:  This gets back to socialization.  This needs to be both with you and with other animals, people, and things.
All dogs are different and their needed requirements of these two items will vary.  The important thing to remember is that we must observe Wolfie to determine if we are providing these things.

What if we are not?  What can we do?

We suggest two alternatives that have worked great for many of our clients.  The first alternative is simple and can be enacted right now.  The second alternative requires a larger commitment on your part.
  • Doggie Day Care:  All of our clients who have taken their dogs to Doggie Day Care have commented on the great improvement in their dog's "crazyness" within a few visits.  We normally suggest taking your dog twice or three times a week.  Also, take him on the same day and at the same time so that he can build relationships with "the regulars".
  • Another Dog:  From observation and personal experience with our dogs, having a "doggie friend" can be a great way to provide the enhanced pack experience your dog needs.  All the pent up energy and excited focus can be aimed at the canine pack and not you and your friends.  You are still the leader because you have provided this great experience for them.  We have seen many "single dogs" who were reportedly crazy all their lives calm down within one day after being placed in a "multiple dog" environment.  We still think you should try Doggie Day Care first before you enter into this option.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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