Taking Wolfie to a Restaurant

I would love to take Wolfie to a restaurant, but I am not sure what he would do.  I don't want to be "banned" from some of my favorite places!  What should I do?

It is very important that you slowly socialize Wolfie with where ever you want to take him.  This holds true for your favorite restaurant. Here are the steps you need to take:
  •  Make sure that the restaurant will allow dogs.  Most places with outdoor seating will allow dogs, but you still have to ask.
  • Start to take Wolfie for more frequent rides in the car so that he gets used to traveling with you.  Be sure that he is properly restrained using a seat belt or crate (attached to car).
  • Take Wolfie to the restaurant when it is closed.  Be sure you sit outside at a table that is not in a busy area or on the main path to the restaurant's entrance.  Take some food or a drink for yourself and something for Wolfie.  Stay there for fifteen to thirty minutes and then head home.  Repeat this every other day for about a week.  Once Wolfie is providing you with the appropriate focus and respect from the time he gets into the car, while he is at the restaurant, and returns home with you, move on to the next step.
  • Take Wolfie to the restaurant when it is open, but there is a very light crowd.  Late morning or in the middle of the afternoon might be the perfect times for this exercise.  Make sure he has toys to play with and goodies to chew on.  Order something and observe Wolfie's behavior when your Server brings your food.  Quietly correct him as the Server approaches and if he starts to become too distracted by the Server.  Ask that other people do not approach Wolfie so that he will not have any possibility of feeling threatened or challenged.  Continue this for a week or so until Wolfie shows that he is the "perfect puppy".
  • Now, take Wolfie to your restaurant at the time you would normally be there.  Simply repeat everything you were doing earlier.  Make sure that you initially don't allow people to approach Wolfie.  This will make sure that he will not feel threatened in the enclosed environment.  After a while, you might ask people you and Wolfie know in the restaurant to engage him, always making sure that he does not feel threatened.
Now you have a great doggie at your favorite restaurant.  Wolfie is now not only great, but a great companion for you and your friends at the restaurant!  You never know, Wolfie might get his own picture on the restaurant's wall next to some famous football player!  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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