Problems Walking Multiple Dogs

I take my dogs out for a walk and I can never control them.  I try and tell Wolfie to be good and Whitie starts to act up.  Then, Fido goes nuts.  It seems I am always taking one step forward and falling two steps back.... Literally!

We must remember that walking is still based on a set of rules that you have and that Wolfie, Whitie, or Fido must obey.  You must also understand that they are always testing you to see if you are being consistent with your rules.  If you aren't being consistent, it is a sign to them that they can do whatever they want.  This is not good.

So, what can we do about this?

The answer is simple.  We must start walking each dog by themselves.  The reason is that we must give each dog our full attention and correct them instantly when they are not doing what we require.  This will allow us to send very clear and consistent signals to them.

Shorten your walks so that you still have enough time to walk each by themselves.  Continue this process until each is walking the way you wish.  This might take a different amount of time for each dog, but continue until ALL are walking well.  At this point, each dog knows what they are supposed to do and that you will constantly correct them when they aren't obeying your rules.

It is now time to walk multiple dogs.  I would first suggest to have a second family member walk the second dog with you so that any small issues can be resolved due to dog-on-dog distractions.  Once they are both walking well, I will then remove the second family member and you walk both dogs by yourself.  If there is any issue, still correct.  By now, the issues and distractions should have been dissipated to the extent that a single correction should get everything back into line.  If there are still some issues, shorten the walk so that you can minimize or remove the issues causing the problems.  Once they are walking well, extend the time of the walk, as required.

If you have more than two dogs, simply repeat the above process, using the second family member to initially introduce the next dog into the mix.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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