Wolfie Likes to Rip Out My Plants...

It is so strange.  I love to plant my new flowers and plants at this time of year and Wolfie likes to go after them.  Normally, he could care less....

This is an interesting topic that I came across in the last few years, and the stories I have been told about this are somewhat funny.  Let me recant two stories that I have been told and then step back and try and explain what happened and the simple fix.

One of my clients had just been to Home Depot the prior weekend.  He purchased a flat of turf to extend the grassy area of his back yard.  He had all the turf delivered to his back patio right outside his sliding glass door and family room.  His dog loved to sit by the glass door and stare out into the back yard and golf course beyond.  Also, many nights he would let his dog stay outside because the dog loved to sleep on the patio furniture.

So Saturday comes and my client begins to lay out all the new turf in the new lawn area.  It took him most of the day.  During that time, his dog was inside, laying by the glass window staring out at him and whatever else was going on.  That night, he lets his dog out to sleep on the patio and he goes to bed.

The next morning he wakes up to find almost half of all the pieces of turf back on the patio...

Another client of mine had purchased about thirty plants from Home Depot (always great sales around this time of year) and spent the afternoon digging holes and planting them in his back and side yards.  His doggie was out with him while he was doing this. 

The next day when he came home from work, almost all the plants were pulled out of the holes and sitting neatly next to each hole...

Luckily, neither of my clients got mad at their dogs and thought the whole matter rather funny.  They did come to me to ask what had happened.

Here's the deal.  Dogs learn through repetition.  Dogs learn through observation.  In both instances, the doggies watched as the client performed a repetitive and somewhat easy task.  The client simply taught the dog to dig.  In the example of the turf, the client cleared the area and placed the turf.  The dog reversed the process and put the turf back where it came from.  The client with all the plants taught the dog to dig and place the plant.  The dog simply removed the plant.

So here comes the bottom line.   When you are working in the garden and are digging or planting, keep Wolfie out of site.  Enough said.  I hope your garden looks great this Spring!  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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