Wolfie Loves to Counter Surf

Whenever I am cooking in the kitchen and leave the room for a few minutes or if I leave a sandwich on the coffee table, Wolfie almost always steals and eats the food on the counter or my sandwich on the table.  Can I stop this?

The answer is "yes", but the answer is probably not what you think.  First of all, we have to understand why Wolfie is going after the food.  There is no such thing as "ownership" when it comes to food in Wolfie's eyes.  He probably won't try to grab it out of your hand or jump up on the counter to get it while you are working in the kitchen.  In his eyes, seeing you as the "leader of the pack", he understands that you are currently engaged and it is not his place to step in.

When you leave the room, you have given up the food.  It is now perfectly acceptable for Wolfie to retrieve the food if he wants.  Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't, but in his eyes, it is perfectly fine to take the food.

This behavior comes from his natural canine instincts of "wolves in the wild".  The Alpha Leader will eat what they want and will then walk away, leaving the rest for the pack.  Being a natural behavior, this is a difficult action to break. 

My suggestion to you is to never leave unattended food out that is within Wolfie's reach.  In doing this, you are never "surrendering it" to Wolfie.  If Wolfie starts to go for that sandwich while you are on the couch or jumps for the chicken breasts on the counter, you can correct him and let him know that is wrong.  You can not correct him when you are not there and you can not come back in the room and correct him because he grabbed the food while you were away.

I know that this isn't the answer you might expect, but sometimes we humans must understand that what Wolfie is doing is our fault and we have to adjust.  One more thing about being "our fault", never feed Wolfie from the table, give him a piece of your sandwich from the couch, or throw him a piece of that chicken breast from the kitchen counter.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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