The One Thing That Wolfie Wants

Wolfie is running and jumping and barking and not listening and, and, and...  Just what does he want?  I have tried everything and I just can't get him to be good.  Can it be that hard to have a good dog?

No.  (Don't you just hate answers like that?  Don't worry, I am not going to turn my back and walk away without an explanation...)

The one thing that dogs, and for that matter, we humans, want is to feel safe.  If all is right with the world and our future is secure, we are having a really great day.  Humans look at good health, financial stability, lasting relationships, etc. as a way to feel safe.  

Dogs feel safe when they are members of a strong pack.  The pack is kept strong because it is run by a strong canine alpha leader.  So what we must do is to be Wolfie's strong, canine alpha leader.  This sounds like it would be pretty easy except for the fact that we are humans.  We must change our perspective of the world from the way a human might act to the perspective of the world the way a dog might act.

There is one big rule that you must remember if you want Wolfie to view you as the canine alpha leader who has the ability to keep him safe.  You must constantly be reinforcing your leadership with him in a passive way that he naturally understands.  Here is what you do.

In a wolf pack in the wild, the only one that tells the rest of the pack what to do is the canine alpha leader.  The rest of the pack naturally submit and follow the leader.  This is what you have to do.  Everything you do with Wolfie must be on your terms.  If Wolfie comes over to you and puts his nose in your hand to pet him, you can not pet him.  If Wolfie gets his ball and comes over to you and gives you his big puppy eyes saying he wants to play ball, you can not play ball with him.

So, what do you do in these instances?  You simply ignore him for a moment until he turns away.  You can then call him over so YOU can pet him.  You can then call him over so YOU can play ball with him.  Remember, it always has to be on your terms.  It always has to be your idea.  You must be the one that starts, begins, commences.  This will maintain your role as the strong alpha leader.

Now that you are the strong alpha leader, Wolfie is on his way to providing you with the respect a canine alpha leader requires.  He is also on his way to feeling safe and happy.  And, that, is the one thing he wants and needs.

Now that you are the canine alpha leader, you need to guide Wolfie as to what is right and wrong.  That is where proper training comes into play.  Please check out more of this Blog for additional information or contact us for more information on our training programs.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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