Wolfie Just Doesn't Get It

Sometimes I think that Wolfie just doesn't get it.  I see all these other dogs sitting and coming and waiting and walking and doing a whole lot of other stuff.  I just can't get him to do it.  I don't think he is a dummy....

No, Wolfie isn't a dummy.  Robin and I have worked with over 1,700 dogs and have never found a dog that did not have the ability to learn.  The secret is that ALL dogs have the ability to learn, we just have to find out where they have the ability to start learning.

Some dogs are fast learners, some dogs are easily distracted, some dogs think they know it all, and others simply want to play.  We need to find out what level to begin training based on the Wolfie's current abilities and temperament.  Let me give you an example of trying to teach "come" to Wolfie.

I take Wolfie outside in the back yard and walk around for a bit until he is a good distance away.  He is sniffing the bushes and watching the ducks swim across the lake.  I call Wolfie, "Come Wolfie, come!".  He doesn't pay attention so I yell louder "Come Wolfie, come!".  (That always works, right?)  Guess what.  Wolfie still isn't paying me the least bit of attention.  In fact, he has now jumped in the lake and is swimming after the ducks.  I now get mad because Wolfie isn't coming.  

The problem with the above scenario is that Wolfie had way too many distractions to listen to our "lesson" and we had no way to show Wolfie what we wanted him to do.  So if Wolfie isn't coming when there are distractions and he is a long way from us, let's set the scene to eliminate the distractions and shorten the distance.

I have now gone back into the house and have returned with a six foot leash.  I clip the leash on Wolfie's collar and am now ready to start over.  Holding the leash in my hand, I kneel and tell Wolfie to "come".  He didn't, so I gave the leash a slight tug to show Wolfie what I wanted.  Now he came to me.  Good Wolfie!!!

All I did was to create an initial learning experience where Wolfie would have the clear ability to succeed.  He will eventually come to me from the other side of the yard (even with the ducks), but I needed to create a starting place from which to build.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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