Ideas to get Wolfie to Eat His Food

I just don't get it.  I spend more money on Wolfie's "holistic/good for you food" than I spend on myself.  I put the food down and he toys with it, eats a few bites, and then walks away.  I don't want to feed him junk food.  But, what do I do to get him to eat the "it's good for you" food?

Let's think about our childhood and our mom serving us green beans.  There was no way that we were going to eat them.  But when we mixed them with mashed potatoes and maybe a little butter... Yum...yum...yum.  Now, I am not advocating giving Wolfie mashed potatoes and butter with his food, but I do have some ideas on adding some healthy goodies to make his food a little more interesting.  Here is what Robin, my wife, adds to our dogs' food and they just love:

  1. LOW SODIUM CHICKEN BROTH.  Chicken is a healthy meat and the low sodium minimizes any additional salt added to their diet.  The moisture gives a pleasing smell to the dry food that our dogs love.
  2. PUMPKIN PASTE.  Pumpkin is naturally good for the dogs and is a great additive to the dry food.  It is a little hard to mix with the dry kibble, but a winning, healthy treat for our dogs.
  3. COTTAGE CHEESE.  The great thing about cottage cheese is that it is so easy to mix up with the dry food.  It has some moisture that helps alleviate the boredom of dry kibble.  It is healthy and good for the dogs and what dog doesn't love cheese?  It is a true winner that we have been using for years for all four of our dogs.
Again, these are just some simple ideas to spice up Wolfie's healthy diet.  The one thing that I want to implore you not to do is to add wet dog food to your dog's diet.  Although there are many good and healthy wet dog foods on the market, they all require you to brush your dog's teeth regularly.  Most of us just don't do that.  Our dog's teeth will then rot out early, causing health issues in their later years.

So, let's keep with options 1, 2, or 3 above.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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