Wolfie is Jumping the Fence

Wolfie keeps jumping over the fence whenever I am not around.  I don't want to keep him inside all the time and I don't want to tear down the fence and build one that is super tall!  What can I do?

I just had to share this picture because it is so funny.  If these are your dogs, I am not sure that The Great Wall of China is going to do a whole lot of good. 

I am focusing my suggestion on the situation where the dog can jump up, grab the top of the fence, and wiggle themselves over.  In this case, your fence is almost high enough to act as a proper deterrent, but it is giving Wolfie that one "paw hold" he needs to get to the other side.  Here is my idea:

What you want to do is to remove Wolfie's ability to grasp the top of your fence.  What he has already shown is that he has the ability to jump high enough to get to the top of the fence.  What you have to do is to take away his ability to successfully hold on to the top of the fence.  Let's make it slippery!

  • Take 2 x 4 lumber and cut them into 6 inch lengths.
  • Drill 1 1/4 inch holes in them in the direct middle.
  • Attach the poles so that they overhang into the yard and the holes are just on the yard side of the fence.  I would attach them about every 3 feet.
  • Take 1 inch PVC pipe and string that through the holes.  You will need to attach the pieces of pipe with PVC glue and the appropriate F/F fittings.
When Wolfie jumps up now, he won't get to the stable top of the fence, he will get to the spinning PVC pipe that also has a little big of wiggle.  He will not have the ability to hold on and will simply slip back into the yard.

Please let me make it very clear that this is not the appropriate replacement for proper training in order to build the bond, trust, and respect that will keep Wolfie from needing the opportunity to "get to the other side".  Please think of this as a "stop gap" measure that you can use to maintain Wolfie's safety and your peace of mind as the training takes place.  For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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