Wolfie Is Nuts...

I read all the books, watch all the dog training shows, ask for advice from all my friends, and Wolfie is still nuts.  What gives?

I bet you are wondering what the picture of Marge, Homer, Bart, and Lisa has to do with doggie issues.  Surprisingly, it depicts one of the most important issues you need to take into consideration when Wolfie isn't listening to you; or Wolfie is crazy; or Wolfie is nipping you; etc.

We all must remember that Wolfie is a member of our family, or in his eyes, a member of the pack.  If the pack is weak, inconsistent, or always fighting, it is not the pack that Wolfie can trust and respect.  Because of this, he will not listen or pay attention to anything you ask of him.  Some examples of families who show this inappropriate tenancies are:

  • Kids always bullying parents.
  • Parents going through a divorce.
  • Strong difference of opinion of how to deal with Wolfie.
  • General "insanity" within the household...
Unfortunately, some of our clients are experiencing these activities and, because of it, they are having issues with their doggies.  General canine obedience or behavioral exercises are not enough to get Wolfie back in line and for him to become a happy member of the family.

What we tell our clients is that they must first build a strong, consistent, and calm environment within their human family.  It is only at this point that they will provide Wolfie with the perspective that he is part of a pack that will keep him safe.  It is only at this point that he will provide the respect and focus that is necessary to be a good dog.

So, now let's get back to the picture of Marge, Homer, Bark, and Lisa.  If your family looks like that, your ability to instruct Wolfie in being a good dog is just about nonexistent.

You must be happy, calm, respectful, and consistent among each other in order to have Wolfie understand that it is time to learn.   For more information, please contact The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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