Five Great Things a Good Dog Owner Should Do for Their Dog

I really want to be a great dog owner for Wolfie and there are so many opinions and suggestions of what I should do!  Are there some general things that I really need to focus on?

There are bookstores and bookstores full of dog books.  We could spend the rest of our lives just reading about what we should do with our dogs.  Since we probably don't have time for that, let me cut to the chase and give you the five "you really shoulds" for your dog:

  1. First, good dog owners walk and exercise their dogs. Most dogs love to run and play. It is both a physical and mental release and helps keep them physically strong and emotionally happy. 
  2. Yearly check-ups. Ensuring that your dog has yearly check-ups to help identify any medical problems before they become problems is a very good habit. During the yearly exam, your veterinarian will also determine if your dog requires any vaccines, flea control or heart worm preventative medications. These measures will help to keep your dog healthy and comfortable. 
  3. Good daily care. Daily monitoring of your dogs appetite, urinations, bowel movements are a part of be a good responsible dog owner. Healthy dogs have a good appetite, normal urinations, healthy bowel movements and maintain an ideal weight. Any abnormalities should be noted and any persistent changes should be reported to your veterinarian. 
  4. Feed a good quality food. Good nutrition is one way a dog owner can proactively make a difference in their dog's health. Over the past two decades, there has been a lot of research and scientific information used to properly formulate dog's foods to optimize health. Many of the foods that we recommend have these enhanced formulas that helps burn fat, develop muscle and promote healthy digestion. They were developed by nutritionists and veterinarians, so these complete, all-in-one diets have the right balance of proteins, fats and fibers to help protect your dog's health. Please do your own research and select a great food for your dog.
  5. Daily grooming. Monitoring your dogs nails and trim them when needed, brush his teeth at least every other day and daily brush his hair are important ways to prevent unnecessary problems such as dental disease, torn nails, matting, and needless shedding around your home.

Do these things and your dog will thank you with better health and months, if not years added to their lives.

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Husky Facts said…
That`s all true and everyone should think like that. Every dog needs that kind of care, between them are dogs like Huskies, because of their undercoat and because of their nature - they need to exercise, as much as possible! All compliments for Blog!
fati said…
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
These five things are better which dog owners can do for their pets. I am also following these things for my pup and he is very happy.

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