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Things to Consider Regarding Your Dog and the Back Yard

I just let Wolfie out in the back yard and he should be able to take care of himself, right?

As a good dog owner, you always need to make sure that your doggie is safe, healthy, and happy.  The back yard can be a great place for your doggie, if you have prepared it for him.  Here are some ideas on making sure your back yard is ready for Wolfie: FENCE:  Make sure that your back yard fence does not have any holes or gaps that would allow Wolfie to get out.  This also helps to make sure that anything can't get in the back yard also.  Check to make sure that there aren't any gaps at the bottom of the fence or loose boards that could easily be "nudged" to make a door.  Putting a little chicken wire at the bottom of the fence and having it lay on the ground is a great way of eliminating any digging issues to allow Wolfie to take advantage of any low lying areas of escape.POISONOUS PLANTS:  Walk around your back yard to make sure that there aren't poisonous plants in your…

Puppy Training 101 --- Remember Cute Little Wolfie Can Get Big

Oh, it is so much fun to have Little Wolfie jump on me and then he runs after me and chases me and I chase him all over the house.  What's wrong with this?

I always have this problem with my clients who have cute, little puppies that are going to grow into very big dogs.  They want to have them jump on their legs, nip their feet, run after them, and do a whole lot of other active play activities.  This might be cute and fun with your ten pound Great Dane puppy, but not your one hundred and eighty pound Great Dane dog.

Whatever you teach your little puppy now, he will remember when he gets big.  If he is always used to jumping on you, he will also find it perfectly acceptable to jump on everybody when he gets really big and it now hurts.  These dogs are normally called "out of control dogs" and will many times find their way to the local dog pound.

So here are a few things that you should not encourage your little puppy to do:
Jump on you or anybody else.Encourage him to bark…

Puppy Training 101 --- Out and About

Wow!  I just got Little Wolfie and I want to take him everywhere in the car with me!  It is really fun!

I have talked about this in the past, but if you are a new puppy owner with Little Wolfie, you just might need to hear it again.  Let me try to make this very clear to you, the engineers in Detroit did not design our cars for dogs, they designed them for humans!  Because of this, we have to make sure that our best little friend is safe while he is in the car with us.  An open window or air bag is unsafe and could actually lead to our puppy's injury or death, if not properly managed.
I go nuts when I see a driver with their puppy in their lap when they are driving.  I hate it when I see a dog owner allowing their dog to stick his head out an open window when the car is traveling fifty or sixty miles an hour.  These are two examples that are just not right for your puppy in the car.  Please read my safety suggestions below: Never let your puppy ride in your lap while driving.  Never …

Puppy Training 101 --- It Is All About Boundaries

Little Puppy Wolfie loves to wander all over the place and he gets into all sorts of trouble.  What is the deal here?

All dogs roam their territory to check things out, sniff, explore, etc.  The problem with puppies is that they have a heightened level of exploration, inquisitiveness, and play.  This can lead to things happening in other rooms that you just don't want to take place.  Things that you may find are:
Potty accidentsDamaged furniturePapers all over the floorPlants pulled out of their containers"Stuff missing"... and a whole lot moreJust like we managed our children when they were young, we have to do the same with our new puppies.  The one and only rule that you must remember is to always keep little Wolfie in your sight.  If he begins to do anything wrong, you have the opportunity to correct him immediately while he is in the act of his misbehavior.  In this way, little Wolfie will learn what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in your house.

Life happens a…

Puppy Training 101 - All About People, Places, and Stuff

So I just got a new puppy and have never had a dog before in my life, not even as a little kid!  Are puppies different than dogs?  Where do I begin?

Isn't Wolfie cute?  How could he do anything bad or do anything that would be annoying.  The breeder said that all he wanted to do was to give me love and happiness!

Well, that is a wonderful thought, but we are now Wolfie's parents and as such, have a large responsibility to Wolfie to make him feel safe, loved, and part of our pack.  Puppies have additional training requirements than dogs that are two and three years old.  This is the first of several training blogs that will discuss training that is unique to these super cute "bundles of canine joy".

Today we are going to talk about "socialization" for Wolfie.  Simply stated, this is the act of getting him used to the environment around him.  That environment is made up of people, cars, the market, the vet hospital, strangers, other animals, the vacuum cleaner, …