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Wolfie and Separation Anxiety

I think that Wolfie has separation anxiety, what can I do about that?

First of all, you said that you thought Wolfie had separation anxiety.  Let's first describe the symptoms that we can observe to see if this is the case:
Uncontrolled barking.  If your "soon to be ex" friends and neighbors report that Wolfie is backing incessantly for very long periods of time while you are gone, you might be dealing with separation anxiety.Destruction.  If you come home to find your sofa in shreds, a new hole in the wall, items pulled down from shelves and tables, etc., you might be dealing with separation anxiety.Next, let's discuss what causes this problem.  Many times Humans misdiagnose separation anxiety as Wolfie being afraid that he has been left alone.  This might be true for Humans, but Wolfie is a dog.  Here is what is going through Wolfie's head:
Wolfie's canine perspective requires a strong leader to protect his pack.  He does not see you as a strong leader, so he …

When to Correct Wolfie

I am never quite sure when I should correct Wolfie.  If I see he is about to do something, should I correct him?  If I come home and he has destroyed something, should I correct him?

The timing of Wolfie's correction is very important.  Unlike humans, dogs live in the "here and now".  For the most part, the past is the past, water under the bridge, spilled milk, etc.  Wolfie's focus is on the sights and sounds of right now, so correcting him for something in the past will simply confuse him.

Humans have the notion of "consequences of our actions".  This means that we understand when we are corrected for something we did in the past.  Wolfie does not.  He only understands what he is doing right now and how you respond to that right now.  So, here are some quick tips to remember when you are correcting Wolfie:
Only correct Wolfie if he is in the act of doing something bad.  If he is jumping on you, barking at the back door, on the furniture; you can correct.  Th…

Wolfie is Eating His Poop!

This is so embarrassing, but my dog Wolfie likes to eat his poop!  Who would think that any animal would want to do that! 

To us humans, this is a pretty disgusting thing, but dogs don't look at this in the same light as us.  There are many products on the market that try to discourage "doggie poop eating" and you can Google them and try them out.  I have found that many of the products are hit and miss and would like to give you some alternative actions to try:
Wolfie might be doing this out of boredom and lack of appropriate distractions.  If you don't exercise your dog between 30 and 90 minutes a day, the built up energy in them can cause unwanted behavior.  As a first step, make sure that Wolfie has a good deal of exercise.  Hint:  Walking on a leash down the street is not exercise.  You need to get him running and engaging in active events (based on his age).Diet is many times a cause for this action.  If you are feeding Wolfie poor quality dog food, he is not ge…