Wolfie Walking With Me Through The House

Sometimes Puppy Wolfie and I might be in the kitchen and I want him to come with me into the family room or my back office.  I don't want to go and get a leash or use treats.  How can I just get him to come with me?

What you are really trying to do is to have Puppy Wolfie  "stick with you" when you go somewhere else in the house.  In some respects, it could be equated to "walking off leash", but I still want him contained in the house.  You can think of it as "walking off leash  light".  Again, this is best taught when Wolfie is a puppy.  Here is what you do:

You first want to teach Wolfie "come".  I have reviewed this before, but let me give you a quick review:

  • Put a leash and collar on Puppy Wolfie.  
  • Step to the end of the leash, stoop low, and say "come".  (Only say "come" once.)
  • If he doesn't come, give a slight tug on the leash and guide him to you.
  • Praise him with a high tone when he gets to you.
  • Repeat this process until you don't need to give him any tug (guidance) to go to your side.
  • Get a longer lead (15 feet) and repeat the above process, first at 10 feet and then at 15 feet.
  • Now you will drop the leash, walk 10 feet away from Puppy Wolfie, turn, stoop low, and say "come".  If he doesn't come to you, use the leash at 10 feet and 15 feet again (you have progressed to quickly).  Repeat this process until he is going to your side on a regular basis.
  • You have now created a unique command (come) with a consistent and repetitive result (get by your side).
It is now time to ramp it up and have him be with you as you walk through the house.  What we really are doing is to create a "come while I am moving" action.
  • Start with Puppy Wolfie by your side.  Start to walk.
  • Bend over slightly, say "come on", tap your pant leg, and be animated.
  • Puppy Wolfie should now follow you based on what you had previously taught him.
Don't move too fast.  If Puppy Wolfie is a little hesitant about walking with you, stop every few feet, stoop, say "come on", pat your let, and get animated when he approaches you.

Again, all we have done is to create a "come while I am moving" exercise.  We have done it just after Puppy Wolfie has mastered the "come" command so the actions are fresh and only slightly different. If Puppy Wolfie can master this command while he is young, walking off leash outside will be far easier to teach as he gets a little older.  For more information, please contact us at The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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