Again, Wolfie isn't Listening, What Now?

It is so strange, sometimes Wolfie seems to be listening and sometimes it is like we just aren't there!  I wish that it wasn't quite so difficult to get him to be a good dog that listens and obeys.  What could we be doing wrong? 

As dog trainers, we hear this a lot.  Many times it isn't the problem that Wolfie isn't listening, he could be intently listening, but not understanding.  From a canine behavioral standpoint, there could be many reasons for this and I would like to discuss of those in this blog article.

Dogs learn and respond through simple consistency.  This is established by setting up an environment of simple, repetitive rules and actions.  If we expect Wolfie to be off the furniture, we must never allow him on the furniture for any reason.  To take it one step further, nobody can allow him to be on the furniture.

This process extends far beyond being on my favorite sofa, it is a process that we must universally apply when telling Wolfie what he can and can not do.  If I have a rule that Wolfie can't jump, every other member of the family must also apply that rule equally.  Wolfie can't jump, period.  I don't care which family member he is with, he can't jump.

One family member can't have a different set of rules for Wolfie.  Again, everyone must be on the same page.  The best way to accomplish this is to sit down, agree what everyone wants Wolfie to do and then write it down so everyone is clear.

So why wasn't Wolfie listening?  It was because you were all telling him different things.  He couldn't process that because you appeared inconsistent.  Have everyone keep the same rules and you will see that Wolfie will begin to listen and obey because he finally understands exactly what you want.  For more information, please contact us at The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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