Wolfie Seems to Think He is the Boss.

I just don't understand it.  I work with Wolfie on Come/Sit/Stay.  I play with Wolfie.  I walk Wolfie.  But it seems like he still thinks he is the boss.  I think I am doing everything right, but something must be missing!

Remember the old phrase  "Walk a mile in my shoes"?  Well, this is the problem that you are having with Wolfie.  Yes, you are providing him education, exercise, and bonding.  What you don't understand is that Wolfie sees the world through a canine perspective.  He judges you as if you were a dog and not a human.  You must understand his perspective to understand how and why he does what he does.

So why does Wolfie act like he is the boss?  The reason is because you are constantly telling him that he is!  You don't know that you are doing this because you view the world from a human perspective and your actions reflect that.  From Wolfie's perspective (the canine point of view), you are constantly implying that he is the boss.

Here is what you are doing, why Wolfie believes he is the boss, and what you have do to...

It is a typical Saturday afternoon and you are sitting on your back porch reading the paper.  Wolfie comes up to you and sticks his nose in you hand asking for a pat on the head.  You think nothing of it and give him a big pat and maybe even throw the ball for him.  You have just told Wolfie he is the boss.  Since he is the boss, he can do whatever he wants because you will always comply.

In a human family, anyone can have an idea and the family can respond.  Nobody implies anything about leadership about the act.  We (humans) thought it was a good idea and did it.  Now, in the wolf pack you have the canine alpha leader and the rest of the pack.  The only one that tells the pack what to do is the canine alpha leader.

As soon as Wilfie said "pet me" and you did, you submitted to his demand, placed yourself in the role of the pack, and promoted him to being the canine alpha leader.  We (humans) do this all day long.  We are constantly telling Wolfie that he is the boss.  Since he is the boss, he can do whatever he wants.  This normally equates to a misbehaved dog that is always annoying us.  So what can we do to fix this?

You must always make sure that it is your idea and not Wolfie's.

When Wolfie comes over to you and wants to be petted, ignore him.  In a moment or two, he will turn away.  At that moment, you can call him to you and you can tell him that you want to pet him.  It is now your idea and when Wolfie comes to be petted, he has placed himself as the pack member and you as the canine alpha leader.

This sounds like a simple thing to do, but in reality, it is very difficult.  The reason is that (we humans) really don't care whose idea it was.  Dogs do care whose idea it was because that equates to leadership and ultimately their general safety.

So, if you want to be on the way to having Wolfie well behaved and understanding his position in the pack, you must always initiate, you must always begin, you must always implement your idea.  For more information, please contact us at The Best Dog Trainers in South Florida.


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