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Keeping Wolfie Safe on the 4th of July

I know that the 4th of July is coming up and many dogs just go crazy on that day.  What can I do to make sure that Wolfie has a great time and feels happy and safe with us?

The most important thing is to maintain a safe and consistent environment for Wolfie.  There normally aren't loud bangs and vivid flashes in Wolfie's environment every day.  Every day is not a pool party or picnic.  These are things that Wolfie might not understand.  In any case, we would like to give you some suggestions regarding what to do on this fun day: If you go to a holiday event, never leave Wolfie in the car. A partially opened window does not supply sufficient fresh air, and it creates an opportunity for your dog to be stolen.Always keep proper identification securely fastened to your Wolfie's collar in case he gets out. Talk to your veterinarian about implanting a universal microchip in him, and make sure that your veterinary clinic and animal shelter have your correct contact information in t…

Travel Safety this Summer with Wolfie

Hey, it’s Summer Time and time to hit the road or air for our family vacation.  I think I know what to do to make sure Wolfie is OK, but I want to be sure…

Whether you travel by car, truck, plane or train, help ensure a safe and pleasant journey with your pet by taking these safety precautions:
General Travel Tips: No matter what your mode of travel, the single best safe practice you can employ to keep your dog safe during the journey is to keep him restrained.Affix current identification to your dog. Even better, have him micro chipped, which provides a permanent form of I.D. to help ensure he is returned to you if he becomes lost.Carry a recent photograph of your dog to make it easier for others to help you look for him if he gets lost during the trip.If your dog is prone to anxiety or motion sickness, consult with your veterinarian about using pet tranquilizers for your dog appropriate for the particular type of travel you will take.Feed your pet his usual meal one to two hours before…

Why It Is Important That I Train My Dog

I have so many friends that send their dogs off to a canine boot camp to have the trainers there train their dog. I have been thinking about this, but is it really a good idea?  I am not sure that I want someone else to be the leader of Wolfie!

I know that there are the dog owners that don't have the time to train their dog or just don't want to train their dog.  As we can all attest, there is so little time in this world and finding the time to train our dog just might not be there.

Let me answer this question by coming at it from another angle.  First, the reason that I got Wolfie was to have the relationship of unending love and complete trust.  I want Wolfie to know what is right and wrong and I want him to respect me as his ultimate provider.

To accomplish this, Wolfie and I need a great deal of face time.  As he does something wrong, I need to clearly let him know that his action was inappropriate.  I also need to bond with him by engaging in safe and stimulating play activ…

Your Dog and Your Family --- The Dynamics

My Uncle and I both got puppies from the same breeder at the same time.  When we got them, they both appeared to be just alike.  Now, my Uncle's 1 year old Terrier is as calm as calm can be.  Wolfie, his brother, is just a complete crazy nut.  What happened?

The answer is pretty simple, but sometimes the simple things are the hardest to recognize.  From our experience in training over 2,000 doggies in South Florida, family dynamics has a great deal to do with how they are going to act.

If the family is made up of older adults who are normally calm and lead structured lives, their doggie will normally be calm and sedate.  If the family lives an active lifestyle, has children who love to play and chase them, and are always having friends and neighbors over, they will probably have a more active, social, engaging, and (sometimes) annoying doggie.

Remember the old saying, "You are what you eat"?  Our doggies will often adjust to our environment so they "Are who we are"…