Dog Training Tips for the Type of Food You Can Give Your Dog

Is there a problem with giving my dog part of my Big Mac? 
I was at a dog training revisit session with some clients in Parkland the other day and they had a very interesting question regarding giving their dog “people food”.  I am asked this question all the time.  My first question is "what is people food"?

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I can make myself a chicken sandwich, have some soup with peas and carrots, eat some brown rice, and have some nachos with corn chips.  Is this "people food"?

I can look on the side panel of my dog’s food bag and see most of the same ingredients right there. 

So, it seems that dog food and people food are the same food!  Since all food is the same, we can’t discuss the dichotomy of people food versus dog food.  We must ponder a new question.  What we really should be asking ourselves regarding food is "How should we present our dog's food to him"?

The answer is simple.  We can give our dog any type of food that we want to give him, as long as it is in a bowl we present to him at a location away from the place that we normally eat.  This assures that he sees us as presenting him with his food.  It is his food because we have made it his food. 

Wow!  That was simple.

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