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Dog Training Tips from Weston Florida about Walking Your Dog

I was at a dog training session in Weston the other day and the client and I were walking his dog down the street.We were walking on a short leash and everything was going great.This was a larger dog and the client was right handed, so we decided to walk the dog on the client’s right side.As we were about half way through the dog walking exercise, a neighbor approached us and said he was doing it all wrong.He told my client that all dogs should be walked on the left side.

We politely acknowledged the neighbor and tried to get away from him as quickly as possible.  When we were out of earshot, my client asked me if there was a correct side to walk the dog.  My answer was “It depends”.

I always tell my clients that it doesn't necessarily depend if they walk their dog on their left or their right unless they are going to be in dog shows.  In a dog show, you walk your dog in a counter-clockwise circle around the judge.  You have to keep the dog on the inside of the circle (on your left…

Dog Training Tips from Davie Florida about Potty

Great Dog Training Tips about Pottying and the Rain
I was revisiting a dog training client in Davie yesterday when, all of a sudden, we had a massive rain storm.  Although that was not the dog training issue that my client had called me out for, it did initiate another question.  It appeared that his dog was doing quite well with his puppy potty routine until about ten days ago when we started to get into our “summer rain” routine.  All of a sudden, this great dog who would want to run outside to potty is now making accidents on the carpet. 

Like many things, simply describing the problem starts to explain the answer.  We had helped the client work with his dog to understand about going potty outside.  We had conditioned the dog to go on the dry grass during nice days and nights when it was not showering down on him.  Now the outside is wet and muddy and he is trying to go potty while he is constantly getting wet.  All in all, it is just not a potty experience to which he had been cond…

Dog Training Tips to Help Your Dog from Running Out The Door

Dog obedience and great training tips to keep your dog safe at the door.
We were over at the Bank of America in Weston yesterday when one of our neighbors noticed “Dog Trainer” on our car and approached with a question.  “I see you are dog trainers and my Golden Retriever is normally a great dog.  The only problem I have with him that it is always a challenge to keep him from running out the front door.  It has come to the point that I try to sneak out the garage…”

I was just at a Dog Training Session yesterday in Cooper City when the problem of dogs running out the front door came up.  This is a very common problem for many dog owners and the one thing that I have seen over the years is normally handled in the wrong way.  This bad behavior is such an annoying and embarrassing experience because it doesn’t just impact us, it impacts the person at the front door or our job when we are late to work because we had to try and catch our misbehaving dog.  The one thing that I am mostly worri…

Dog Training Tips for Bad Behavior At The Door and Guests

Quick things you can do every time someone comes to the door and your dog displays bad behavior.
I was at a dog training session in Cooper City last week and we were just finishing up the session.  We had covered everything the client had on his wish list for that day and everything was just great.  As I got up to leave, a friend came to the front door and rang the door bell.  His dog went completely nuts.  He ran to the front door before we could even stand up, barking and jumping at the door like a crazy person.  I told the client that we had something else to work on…

What we first must understand is that just about all dogs are excited when new people are coming into the house.  This is not always a bad thing because our dog’s action can also act as a defensive/protective mechanism to an unwanted situation. What is important is that we are not embarrassed when anyone enters our house because they are jumped on, licked, and generally harassed the unruly dog. The best way to accomplis…