Dog Training Tips from Cooper City to Help Your Dog Eat His Food

Ideas to get Your Dog to Eat His Food
I was out at a Dog Training revisit this morning in Cooper City for a Coonhound that we haven’t seen for over seven years.  The dog had been doing great for a very long time until recently when a few things had changed in the family dynamics.  We took care of that pretty quickly (and that can be the topic of a future article).  The client then mentioned, “I just don't get it.  I spend more money on Mystie’s "holistic/good for you food" than I spend on myself.  I put the food down and she really isn’t interested in it.  I don't want to feed her the junkie food with all the additives, but I don’t want her to starve.  What can I do to get her to eat the healthy food?”

So many times we can relate our current experiences with things we have lived through in the past.Let's think about our childhood and our mom serving us green beans.  If you are like me, there was no way I was going to take my fork and eat those green beans sitting o…

Dog Training Information from Sunrise Florida about Bike Safety

When You Ride Your BikeI was up in Sunrise yesterday with a new dog training client and her Boxer who had a jumping problem and loved to run out the front door.We resolved those problems pretty quickly and I was finishing up the lesson and planning what we would to at the next lesson and when we would return.She had another dog issue that didn’t refer to her Boxer.
She loved to ride her bike around the neighborhood but the local dogs loved to chase and bark at her.She could never get in a full bike ride because of all these doggie distractions.I mentioned that I had worked on this issue years ago and came up with some very interesting observations and suggestions for bike riders and “dog chasers”… 

Dogs love to play "tag, you are it".  In fact, this is one of the natural submissive/dominance that they naturally play as puppies to learn proper canine socialization.  When we ride past dogs on our bikes, they chase us, and we speed up, we are encouraging the idea of "tag, yo…

Dog Training Tips from Parkland Florida about Jumping

We were at a new client in Parkand last week and were about half way through our initial canine behavioral review discussing rules and consistency.  She looked a little troubled, we we stopped the discussion and asked her if something was bothering her.  She replied “I hear what you are saying, but I really don’t mind if my dog jumps on me.  He did it since he was a puppy and it was no big deal.  We are having a bunch of friends and family over in a few weeks for July 4th and I just don’t want him jumping on all my friends and their little kids”…

Things must be really simple when it comes to what you want your dog to do and what you don’t want your dog to do.  The instructions you give your dog must be absolute.  Saying that your dog can jump on you, but not your friends and their kids is not an absolute rule.  It injects logic and a level of problem solving that is impossible for your dog to accomplish.  If you don’t want your dog to jump, it must be that he can not jump on anybody, p…

Dog Training Tips from Miramar to Help Your Dog Prepare for a Summer Vacation Plane Flight

Robin and I were at a Dog Training session in Miramar last night helping a client and his dog with Separation Anxiety.  Being June, everyone is either on their summer vacation trim or preparing for their summer vacation trip.  Our client was getting ready to take his family and dog to California and Disneyland.  This meant that his dog was going on his first plane flight.  He wanted to know what he needed to do…

We first explained that getting a dog ready for a plane is not something that can be done overnight.  Like most behavioral issues and socialization requirements with dogs, it requires time, patience, and consistency. There are many things that you must reinforce with your dog before you get in that scary, cramped seat.  It is often scary for “us humans” who have traveled many times before.  Just think of what it must be like for our dog! The one thing that our client had going for him was that his dog is a Toy Poodle and can be taken on the plane with him.With this said, here ar…

Dog Training Tips from Plantation about Extension Dog Leashes

Pardon me if I just get on my high horse for a moment and talk about one of my biggest dog training pet peeves…  People who use extension leashes with their dogs!

First of all, I have to state that we all just love things with buttons, widgets, and gizmos.  We always think that the more buttons, the better it is.  Let’s check out an extension leash.  Wow!  It has a handle and several buttons.  Look at all these things you can do with it!  You just have to get it because you need to be pushing those buttons!
No you don't. Bad, bad dog owner!
I always teach my clients that the most important thing that we must do when we have our dogs out with us is to let them know we are keeping them safe and protected.  We might be walking in our neighborhood, at the park, or at the mall.  In order to do this, we must have their focus so that we can let them know how they need to act.  If we are walking and change direction, they must understand that they need to change direction too.  If we slow …

Dog Training Tips from Coral Springs When the Family is Crazy

We were at a Dog Training revisit session with a family in Coral Springs last week and their dog that was fine when we had left the first time had gone back to showing the same bad behavior we observed at the beginning of our first session.  The entire family was there for our current visit and we observed that the family dynamics was “nuts”.  Everyone was all over the place.  At one point the mother looked at us and asked “Can our family be making our dog go nuts?”

To paraphrase Charlie Sheen... "Duh, Yes!"

We always try to reinforce the idea that in order to have your dog learn, you must first establish a calm and consistent environment. This will allow your dog have the opportunity to provide focus and allows you to have the opportunity to command that focus.  Your ability to show a passive, assertive nature towards your dog will naturally have him drawn towards you as the one telling him what to do next. 
Guess what, if the environment is full of yelling and screaming, y…

Dog Training Tips from Weston Florida about Walking Your Dog

I was at a dog training session in Weston the other day and the client and I were walking his dog down the street.We were walking on a short leash and everything was going great.This was a larger dog and the client was right handed, so we decided to walk the dog on the client’s right side.As we were about half way through the dog walking exercise, a neighbor approached us and said he was doing it all wrong.He told my client that all dogs should be walked on the left side.

We politely acknowledged the neighbor and tried to get away from him as quickly as possible.  When we were out of earshot, my client asked me if there was a correct side to walk the dog.  My answer was “It depends”.

I always tell my clients that it doesn't necessarily depend if they walk their dog on their left or their right unless they are going to be in dog shows.  In a dog show, you walk your dog in a counter-clockwise circle around the judge.  You have to keep the dog on the inside of the circle (on your left…